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“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.” ~D.H. Lawrence


Stranded: A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Writing Journey

My newest short story STRANDED IN TIME is available now on Amazon.

The Writing Journey of Naperville invites you to explore the colorful plots, characters, and settings of Stranded, an Anthology of fantasy, science fiction, romance, humor, horror, mystery, adventure, realism, dystopian, and steampunk. The psychological, emotional, and behavioral impacts of relationships gone bad, of arrested adolescence, of unresolved sibling rivalry, can drive us to search for tiny moments of redemption and escape.

Stuck in our identities, we are often lost to what binds us together. The supernatural, the afterlife, ghosts and spirits, travels in time –the exciting stuff of the speculative and science fiction that we love to imagine. But would we want to be stranded there, where our dreams become our nightmares? Be Careful What You Wish For, Date of Death, Stranded in Time, Happy Travels, Tapestry, Waiting for My Family, Haunted, Ghost Diner, At the Other End, Lady Eve and Adam, and The Ruin of Alder Lincoln maroon us in the quagmires of eerie realms.

A Delicious Dessert: A Collection of Romance Stories with Recipes

Check out my second published novelette from the Timeless Series, A PROMISE IN TIME in A DELICIOUS DESSERT Anthology presented by Windy City RWA

Savor delicious, romantic desserts in this delightful collection of eleven novellas. Love and Valentine’s Day are celebrated with recipes for every palette, from luscious vintage chocolate ribbon cake to goat cheese tarts. Windy City RWA is proud to present A Delicious Dessert with a dedication from award winning author Luisa Buehler. Proceeds will go to the American Heart Association . The anthology was published in honor of the late author Mary Welk and stories are set around her fictional town of Rhineburg, Illinois.

StolenChild2STOLEN CHILD – Available SOON! Book One of the PROPHECY SERIES

Single father Josh Greystone, an artist and recovered addict is so tormented by the murder of his daughter, he can think of nothing else but suicide. That changes when he paints a mural laden with grief and tears, creating a magic portal and pulling a glittering faery through it.

Allaylanah of Elderah, an empathic faery who’s been forced to live her life in isolation because of powers yet unknown to her, follows the cries that have haunted her dreams across the forbidden divide to Earth. Her ability to communicate with the earth reveals that Josh’s daughter isn’t dead but stolen by her people.

Together they journey to her world only to be imprisoned by her father, a tyrannical king, and protector of long-kept secrets of the Fae, who rules by fear and execution. They must find belief in themselves, trust in each other, and break every Fae rule, including falling in love, in order to find his daughter and the rest of the stolen children

Time1TIMELESS – Available SOON First in the TIMELESS SERIES

“Death isn’t an end, it’s only a door.” ~ J.J.H.

• What if you found your soul mate and then lost him?
• What if you realized that happened lifetimes ago?
• Would you know him if you saw him again, this time around?

TIMELESS, is the first novel in the Timeless Series of single title, paranormal romances about second chances at love, albeit lifetimes later.

To get a taste of the Timeless Series, check out my first published novelette from the series, ECHOES OF TIME

On the verge of divorce, Madison and Tom agree to spend one last holiday weekend together out of town. On the way to the rental house, a snowstorm sets upon the couple enveloping them in a dance between the echoes of time and the present. The rental is an old Victorian that’s eerily familiar to both Madison and Tom even though neither of them has ever stepped foot in it. Over the Christmas weekend, they uncover treasures hidden for almost a century, find that secrets from the past renew their love in the present, and realize that time crosses for many reasons, but the most meaningful is true love.

A LOVELY MEAL presented by Windy City RWA is no longer available.

You can find my first published story, ECHOES OF TIME originally published in A LOVELY MEAL as a stand alone story. Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.