Sometimes I ask myself, who am I? What makes me a writer? I compare myself to those who say as soon as they could put pen to paper, they knew they wanted to be a writer. That was not me. Although, I made lots of things up. I had an imaginary friend named Tina. I choreographed countless musicals that my mom and her friends had to be subjected to. I made up stories for English homework. I made up poems and songs and all kinds of improvisational skits in my theater days. But be a writer? Who me? No. That was for smart, magical people. People who were special. I couldn’t do that.

Or could I?

Throughout this wondrous and gut-wrenching journey of writing my own novels, I have come to the realization that I am a writer. That I belong here amongst the special, magical people simply because I write. And, the more I write, the more I put myself out there, the more I realize that I like to write all kinds of things. If you run across me on tumblr, you’ll find Savannah the poet or inspirational writer. On this blog, I’m Savannah the thoughtful, writing about my writing journey. As President of Windy City RWA, I write the Dare to SOAR posts on their Blowing Kisses blog. There, I’m Savannah the cheerleader and pep-talker. If you happen to work with me, you are treated to emails about our rules and regulations, that I’m told are both humorous and memorable, and may have actually featured Refrigerator Gnomes at one time. And, one day, hopefully soon, you’ll get to read my novels where I’m Savannah the Romantic Fantasy Writer. So, in thinking about it. I am all these things. In finding my writer-self and letting myself express what’s on the inside in all these different ways, I have become a better, more fulfilled person, every day. And that’s what really counts, isn’t it? Doing what you love. And I’m in love with writing, even if I didn’t realize how much until I started to take myself as a writer seriously.

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