My last post was almost three whole years ago. It’s hard to imagine what I’ve been doing that whole time away. But I have been doing things. Things that have filled my writer’s well, things that have helped me to hone my craft, and things that have helped me grow as an author.

I’m in my second term as president of Windy City RWA. It’s hard work, it’s time-consuming, but all in all, it’s worth it. I needed to put myself in the middle of it all and even hold some of the reigns in order to feel like I could play with the big dogs. The problem with holding a board position, especially president, is that there is little time to actually write. I spend more time writing emails than I do my stories and who knows, maybe that’s resistance, maybe that’s my unconscious using presidential duties as an avoidance behavior. We all have them. Whether they are because of fear of failure or fear of success, they are the undoing of many a writer.

So, this year I will be brave. I have ventured into the realm of self-publishing and my goal is to have my first book published by the end of 2015. Wish me self-discipline and motivation, and a little luck never hurt either 🙂

Cheers to my bestie Cici Edward and good friend Dyanne Davis who are taking that brave step forward to push themselves into new territory and out of their comfort zones. Check them out and cheer them on!

What will you do that’s brave?