I haven’t posted anything in awhile seeing as my time is limited and I’m trying to focus on the actual writing/editing/revising part of writing and not the blogging/tweeting/facebooking part. Not that I’m discounting the fun or importance of the latter but if we don’t have actual work to write and tweet and facebook about, then what’s the use?

Every now and again I write about my writing journey and today I felt compelled to share a bit of the journey thus far. I’ve already shared it on private loops and I thought I’d post it here as well.

This past weekend I went to The 2012 Spring Fling Conference held at the Marriott, in Hoffman Estates. It was an amazing conference put on by The Chicago-North Chapter of RWA and some of my very best friends. I thought I’d share with you some of the things I was able to take away from the experience.

1. Pitched well, received a request.
2. Had very cool/interesting conversations with authors, agents and other aspiring writers.
3. Saw my heroine for an MS (not yet written) very clearly during SEP’s workshop.
4. Got heated up at the “Hot Night” reading, where authors share 5 pages of their hot scenes. I joined the “spicy” category, of course
5. Came away with two very personal things.

1. That the only thing that really matters in the end is your quality of work. Focus on the work, without it nothing else matters. That gave me a great sense of control and hope. I don’t have control over how an agent’s day is going when they read my query or if an editor that I meet likes my blouse. What I do have control over is the quality of my work. If I write and submit and it isn’t good enough I can make it better. I can learn and grow and revise and better my work. I can put my heart and soul into it and at some point, for someone, it will come through and it won’t matter if I’ve tweeted, or facebooked or blogged. My work will speak for itself.

2. Two years ago, at my first ever conference, I had only ever read one recent romance (maybe a few when I was a teen), and had barely a first draft under my belt, and I sat there amidst the workshops and speeches, writers and published authors, and felt completely out of my element. I can’t say it was inspiring or life-changing. I kept wondering where among the romance addicts and those who aspired to be a writer for their entire life I belonged. It certainly didn’t make me stop but it didn’t renew or motivate me either. What I was at least able to do was take a step back and look at all these people and say, “If they could do it, I could do it.” So I kept on.

This year was so much different internally and externally. It could have been my inner-self, could have been the awesome workshops and headliners that spoke to my heart, could have been I was surrounded with the best group of writer friends ever. I’m willing to bet it was probably all of the above, but it was wonderful. I didn’t question if I belonged there amongst so many smart and talented women, I didn’t question if I was a writer or deserved to be called a writer. There amongst so many I was considered a writer, some even looked to me for advice and knowledge, and that blows my mind. So in the end, I am a writer and I felt like one too, and I even got a really cool button in my conference bag that says, “I write.” And yes, I do.

And that about sums it up. I’m going to go and update our chapter’s website now and do some more writerly things, stopping only to pop back in and talk of my journey but I can’t promise a weekly blog, quite honestly that’s just too much,but I can promise that I will work and I will write and I will put my soul on paper and maybe one day it’ll get published, but nevertheless I will write.