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Welcome to a world where true love can wait for lifetimes, could care less about dimensions, and knows no boundaries whatsoever.

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On the verge of divorce, Madison and Tom agree to spend one last holiday weekend together out of town. On the way to the rental house, a snowstorm sets upon the couple enveloping them in a dance between the echoes of time and the present. The rental is an old Victorian that’s eerily familiar to both Madison and Tom even though neither of them has ever stepped foot in it. Over the Christmas weekend, they uncover treasures hidden for almost a century, find that secrets from the past renew their love in the present, and realize that time crosses for many reasons, but the most meaningful is true love.

What people are saying about ECHOES OF TIME.

Savannah Reynard’s “Echoes of Time” is a hauntingly beautiful story of love and second chances. Tom and Madison discover hope for their future while snowbound in a home filled with echoes of their past. – Nicole Leiren, author of MORE THAN ONE NIGHT